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The Philosophy Department at King’s College London is offering a short-term Fellowship to join a research project on The Nature of Evidence and the Ethics of Uncertainty led by Julien Dutant. The project develops an externalist account of evidential support and explores its normative implications. Details on the project are in the job pack.

The position is targeted at the post-doctoral level but we will consider advanced doctoral on track to complete their degree by Aug. 2017. The fellow will have a specialization or strong interests in one of the areas relevant to the project: formal epistemology, epistemic logic, confirmation theory, belief revision theory, theories of rationality.

The Fellowship is for a duration of 3 months, or 6 months part-time, starting this September 2016. The salary is £5000 for the whole period plus London allowance (around £180 per full-time month). The fellow will assist in the preparation of a major grant proposal through regular meetings and background literature reviews. They will also receive supervision for their own research and support in job market applications. They need to have a UK residence address during the duration of the fellowship and will have to attend at least some of the meetings in person. We cannot guarantee that office space will be provided but we are currently trying to secure it.

The fellow is expected to be named post-doctoral researcher on the proposal, which, if successful, would secure them a research-only post-doctoral position for several years. While such grant applications have fairly low acceptance rates the track record of the Principal Investigator, department and faculty support reasonable optimism about its chances of success.

See this job pack for details on the research project and the position. If you are considering applying it is a good idea to get in touch with the Principal Investigator, Julien Dutant.

The deadline for applications is June 12th. Apply through the official offer page:  https://www.hirewire.co.uk/HE/1061247/MS_JobDetails.aspx?JobId=70386 . Note that even though the offer is part of a 15-position call, one of the positions is reserved for the present project. The successful candidate will be selected by a Faculty panel in light of the advice given by the project’s Principal Investigator.