King’s College London is one of the top 5 research centres for philosophy in the country. One of its particular strengths is in Mind.

Maria Alvarez, Bill Brewer, John CallananJulien DutantNadine ElzeinEllen FridlandDavid GallowaySacha GolobJurgis KarpusJessica Leech, Clayton LittlejohnMatteo Mameli, Eliot MichaelsonDavid PapineauMatthew ParrottThomas PinkSherri RoushMatthew Soteriou, Mark Textor and Robyn Repko Waller have all published in the subject or in closely related areas recently.

Selected Recent Publications in Philosophy of Mind

Maria Alvarez

Bill Brewer

  • Forthcoming. “The Object View of Perception” in Locatelli and Wilson (eds.), Topoi Special Edition: Perception Without Representation.
  • Forthcoming. ‘Visual Experience, Revelation, and the Three R’s’,  in T. Raleigh (ed.), Varieties of Acquaintance. Oxford University Press
  • Forthcoming. Perceptual Experience and Empirical Reason. Analytic Philosophy.
  • 2017. “Objects and the Explanation of Perception” in J. Gersel, R. T. Jensen, M.S. Thanning, & S. Overgaard (ed.), In the Light of Experience: Essays on Reasons and Perception. Oxford University Press.
  • (w/ Matthew Soteriou) 2015. The Mind’s Construction: The Ontology of Mind and Mental Action (critical notice). Philosophy 90, 352, p. 346-356
  • 2013. Attention and Direct RealismAnalytic Philosophy 54.
  • 2011. Perception and Its Objects. Oxford University Press.
  • 2011. ‘Realism and Explanation in Perception’, in H. Lerman and J. Roessler (eds.), Perception, Causation and Objectivity. Oxford University Press

John Callanan

Julien Dutant

  • Forthcoming. Knowledge-Based Decision Theory and the New Evil Demon Problem. In Dutant and Dorsch (ed.), The New Evil Demon, Oxford University Press.

Nadine Elzein

Ellen Fridland

David Galloway

  • 2014. Deductive Intuitions and Lay Rationality. Journal of Philosophical Research.

Sacha Golob

Jurgis Karpus

  • (w/ Natalie Gold) forthcoming. ‘Team Reasoning: Theory and Evidence’. In J. Kiverstein (ed.), ‘Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of the Social Mind’, Routledge Taylor Francis.

Jessica Leech

Clayton Littlejohn

  • 2014. The Unity of Reason. In C. Littlejohn and J. Turri (ed.), Epistemic Norms: New Essays on Action, Belief, and Assertion, Oxford University Press.

Matteo Mameli

Eliot Michaelson

David Papineau

Matthew Parrott

 Thomas Pink

Sherri Roush

Matthew Soteriou

  • Forthcoming. Sound and Illusion. In T. Crowther & C. MacCumhaill (ed.), Perceptual Ephemera. Oxford University Press.
  • Forthcoming. “Experience, Process, Continuity and Boundary” in R. Stout (ed.) Process, Action, and Experience. Oxford University Press
  • Forthcoming. “The Ontology of Emotion” in H. Naar & F. Teroni (eds.) The Ontology of Emotions. Cambridge University Press
  • (with Thomas Crowther) Forthcoming. “Time in the Dream” in I. Phillips (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Temporal Experience. London, Routledge.
  • 2016. Disjunctivism. Routledge.
  • 2013. The Mind’s Construction: the Ontology of Mind and Mental Action. Oxford University Press.
  • 2011. The Perception of Absence, Space, and Time. In J. Roessler, N. Eilan, H. Lerman (ed.), Perception, Causation and Objectivity.
  • 2011. Occurrent Perceptual KnowledgePhilosophical Issues.
  • 2010. Perceiving Events. Philosophical Explorations.
  • 2010. Cartesian Reflections on the Autonomy of the Mental. In New Waves in Philosophy of Action. J. Aguilar, A. Buckareff, and K. Frankish (eds.). Basingstoke: Macmillan

Mark Textor

Robyn Repko Waller