The Formal Methods Group runs a guest speaker series. The guest speakers for 2017-18 are as follows:

Thu 26 Oct – Davide Fassio (KCL / Zhejiang )
Thu 23 Nov – Peter Brössel (Rhur-University Bochum)
Thu 25 Jan – Paul Egré (Jean Nicod, Paris)
Thu 8 Feb – Sven Rosencranz (LOGOS, Barcelona)
Thu 1 Mar – Julien Dutant (KCL)
Thu 1 Mar – Tim Smartt (Sydney)
Thu 24 May – Corine Besson (Sussex, Royal Institute of Philosophy)

The seminar takes place on Thursdays 2-4, in room 508, Philosophy Building. It is open to students and researchers from outside KCL. Please contact Julien Dutant for directions and to make sure you are granted access to the building.