Thu Feb 8th, 14:00-16:00
Philosophy building, room 508
King’s College London

Sven Rosenkranz (LOGOS, ICREA, U Barcelona), will give a talk titled “The Logic of Justification – Reloaded” at the Formal Methods research seminar, King’s College London, this Thursday 2-4pm. Open to all graduates and scholars interested. Please sign in as a visitor at the entrance, follow the signs to the Philosophy building, follow the signs to the philosophy office, room 508 is just right of the office.


Against the backdrop of minimal assumptions about knowledge and being in a position to know, I introduce, and defend, two non-standard principles of epistemic logic. Then I stipulatively define two operators, J and D, and formulate two interpretative hypotheses: that J, as defined, captures propositional justification, and that D, as defined, captures doxastic justification. I go on to present an idealised non-normal system incorporating the aforementioned principles and definitions, and highlight interesting theorems involving the operators J and D. The derivability of a significant number of these theorems already lends support to the interpretative hypotheses. However, the idealisation involved in the system is too strong. Accordingly, I present a second non-normal system that is more realistic but still allows derivation of those same theorems. Finally, I address, and defuse, a general argument against the interpretative hypotheses, meant to show that J and D at best capture notions of blamelessness.