KCL MAP (Minorities and Philosophy) will be running a collaboratively lead reading group this coming academic year. MAP aims to address issues surrounding the representation of and participation in Philosophy of minority groups. ‘Minorities’ is a broad term that covers race, gender, class, sexuality, ability, and more. Our reading group aims to celebrate and raise awareness of the works done by and regarding issues of minority groups within academia. We will be engaging in a wide range of texts and modes of expression, from analytic and continental philosophy to poetry, literature, and film.

The reading group will be held in room 508 (Philosophy Building), Wednesday, 2pm. The reading group is open to everyone at all levels of the university. The KCL MAP committee will also be holding a regular meeting prior the reading group at 1.30pm in the UG common room (opposite the printer room), which is open to anyone who wishes to discuss MAP-related issues.

For more info regarding specific readings/dates, please email mapforthegap.kcl@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kclmap