Selfie with Samuel Chadwick Teale

By Samuel Chadwick Teale

Link to video clip:

On Monday 17th of September, I went to the National Gallery after closing, to help make two new films for The Centre for Philosophy and Art. As part of the volunteer crew team, I assisted with moving equipment with Envis (the film company) and the others, and quietly tiptoeing next to Jen (the Director) with the spotlight. It was surreal and special to visit the gallery after hours and see the paintings in a different light. Sometimes, this was literally the problem: the main ceiling lights would switch off after a minute or so, sometimes ruining an otherwise perfectly good piece of footage. So we kept the motion detectors activated by walking around, or, less congruously, a blend of amateur tai chi and contemporary dance. More profoundly, in the hall now named after Dame Myra Hess, I considered myself lucky to have experienced some paintings with these new insights, and with a unique intimacy and solitude. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the film (and officially visiting the National Gallery again)! I think I’ll stick with just a few paintings next time, as a few have really stuck with me.