Check out the latest from the Agora“Can you really do more than moral duty requires?” by Roger Crisp!

“Accepting low moral standards that we can easily exceed has caused a great deal of suffering throughout history” – Roger Crisp [Illustration by Luciano Lozano/Ikon Images]

See this new article by Roger Crisp in @aj_wendland‘s Agora series @NewStatesman. Roger Crisp is Professor of Moral Philosophy at the University of Oxford and Uehiro Fellow in Philosophy at St Anne’s College, Oxford. He is the author of Sacrifice Regained: Morality and Self-interest in British Moral Philosophy from Hobbes to Bentham (Oxford University Press).

This article is part of the Agora series, a collaboration between the New Statesman and Aaron James Wendland. Wendland is Vision Fellow in Public Philosophy at King’s College, London and a Senior Research Fellow at Massey College, Toronto. He tweets @aj_wendland.