Check out Kieran Setiya’s interview of our very own Aaron Wendland, Vision Fellow in Public Philosophy at King’s College London and Senior Research Fellow at Massey College, Toronto:

Professor Kieran Setiya (@KieranSetiya)

Professor Kieran Setiya (MIT) works mainly in ethics, epistemology, and the philosophy of mind, and is the author of  Life is Hard, Midlife: A Philosophical Guide, Practical KnowledgeReasons without Rationalism, and Knowing Right From Wrong. In his Five Questions podcast, he asks philosophers 5 questions about themselves.

Dr. Aaron James Wendland (@aj_wendland)

Dr. Aaron James Wendland (@aj_wendland) launched and runs the philosophy column in The New Statesman called Agora, which is a space for academics to address contemporary social, political and cultural issues from a philosophical point of view. He is currently in Ukraine doing in-depth reporting on civilian life for the Canadian and International press. You can read our blog post on his recent article How ought civilians act in a war zone?” for The Toronto Star.