Actor Lloyd Owen (Elendil in the The Rings of Power, now streaming on Amazon Prime) and author Andy West will be testing their philosophical intuitions with Maria Alvarez and Adrian Alsmith … and you are invited to watch, listen, and capture their a-ha moments (with a free drawing lesson from celebrated portrait artist Robin Lee Hall).

Ticket are free (but limited) and include a starter drawing materials pack. Open to all students.
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About ‘A Celebrity Brush with Philosophy’

Join us to have a go at capturing a portrait of our famous sitters in conversation – suitable for the total novice (and the expert) in both portraits and philosophy.

Our celebs will be puzzling over whether love is moral, and how we can know whether we’re awake or dreaming in our inaugural ” A First Celebrity Brush with Philosophy“. We are delighted to welcome Lloyd Owen (starring in Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, now streaming on Amazon Prime) in discussion with Professor Maria Alvarez to unpick some puzzles about love, the slip between sleep and wakefulness, and his interest in philosophy while Robin Lee Hall (Royal Society of Portrait Artists) helps you capture his a-ha moment. We are also delighted to welcome Andy West (break-out author of The Life Inside) talking about the his experience teaching philosophy in prisons, the links between love and morality, and why we’re not in the Matrix after all, in discussion with Dr Adrian Alsmith while Robin continues to guide us to draw out their thoughts….
30 places available.
Bring your drawing materials (paper, pencils and/or charcoal)

More about our Celebrities
Andy West is the author of The life Inside: A Memoir of Prison, Family and Philosophy (Picador 2022). His writing has been published in The Guardian, Aeon, 3AM Magazine, Huck and Litro He is philosopher in residence at HMP Brixton in London.

Lloyd Owen is an actor, pond swimmer, intermittent cyclist and sometimes get paid for shouting in the evenings. He is currently starring as Elendil in the The Rings of Power, now streaming on Amazon Prime.
This event is a collaboration between Philosophy at King’s College London, The Centre for Philosophy and Arts (based at King’s College London), and Culture @ King’s College London.
With thanks for the generous support offered by Lloyd Owen and Andy West.

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