Portraits from Series II of ‘A First Brush with Philosophy’

About this event

Is it right to save your friend over a stranger? If the bedrock of morality is impartiality and love is essential partial (and favouring) – is Love immoral? When you are dreaming are you also sleeping? What if you are lucidly dreaming – aware that you are in a dreamworld and communicating with a sleep scientist in the ‘real’ world – are you dreaming and awake? Solve the puzzles with an expert guide – book your seat today.

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How to participate (and get your portrait painted):

(1) Choose one of two puzzles ‘Is Love Moral’ or ‘Awake or Dreaming?’

(2) Sit back and relax while we map you to your perfect expert and portrait artist.

(3) Come to Bush House, read a 5 minute primer and then meet your expert to unpack the puzzle for 15 minutes….while your artist captures your a-ha moment.

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