Check out the latest from the Agora, “What’s the use of hope?” by Keiran Setiya!

An engraving of Pandora
The myth of Pandora asks, if hope remains confined, wouldn’t that mean we are free of its temptations? Illustration by Classic Image/Alamy

Keiran Setiya teaches philosophy at MIT, working mainly in ethics, epistemology, and the philosophy of mind. He is the author of  Life is HardMidlife: A Philosophical GuidePractical KnowledgeReasons without Rationalism, and Knowing Right From Wrong.

This article is part of the Agora series, a collaboration between the New Statesman and Aaron James Wendland. Wendland is Vision Fellow in Public Philosophy at King’s College, London and a Senior Research Fellow at Massey College, Toronto. He tweets @aj_wendland.