Introductory Reading List for Philosophy

The readings below are mostly organised according to first-year modules but those texts are worth reading regardless of whether you take the modules in question.

General texts

Mary Midgeley (2018) What is Philosophy For?

Thomas Nagel (1989) What Does It All Mean?

Greek Philosophy

Plato The Apology of Socrates

Plato Meno

Elementary logic

Graham Priest (2017) Logic: A Very Short Introduction

Political Philosophy

Adam Swift (2013) Political Philosophy


Jennifer Nagel (2014) Knowledge: A Very Short Introduction


Julia Driver (2006) Ethics: The Fundamentals


Alyssa Ney (2014) Introduction to Metaphysics

Modern Philosophy

Descartes Meditations

Hume Enquiry concerning Human Understanding


David Papineau (2012) Philosophical Devices

Some Miscellaneous Suggestions

Tim Crane (2001) Elements of Mind

David E. Cooper (2002) World Philosophies: An Historical Introduction

Lorna Finlayson (2016) An Introduction to Feminism

Barry Dainton (1980) Time and Space

Samir Okasha (2002) Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction

Naomi Zack (2018) Philosophy of Race: An Introduction