Useful Resources

General Resources

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy are incredibly useful resources for students of all levels.

The Philosopher’s Index  is a comprehensive database of philosophy papers.

PhilPapers is a comprehensive online index and bibliography of philosophy (including papers, books and open access archives).

PhilSci Archive collects preprints and drafts of work in the philosophy of science.

Philosophy Online

David Chalmers’ list of philosophy blogs.

Philos-L is a mailing list – signing up is essential for keeping up to date with events, conferences and jobs.

The Philosophical Lexicon is a humorous philosophical dictionary.

Doing Philosophy – Reading, Writing and Presentation Advice

Undergraduates might find Falasafaz’s guide on how to read philosophy useful. David Concepcion’s work on reading philosophy will be of interest to students of all levels.

Some tongue-in-cheek advice on how not to write a philosophy essay. .

The Mumford Method is a process for writing papers and talks.

Current and Prospective Graduate Students

Students interested in pursuing graduate research at King’s should consider applying for funding from the London Arts and Humanities Partnership (LAHP).

Research students entering their ‘writing-up’ year should consider applying for a Jacobsen Studentship.