The Ethics of… Exhibiting

Prof. Sarah Fine will be chairing a panel discussion on the ethics of exhibiting to be held at the Photographer’s Gallery on Wednesday 25th September. This is part of an ongoing collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery and the Centre for Philosophy and the Visual Arts at King’s College London.

Speakers include the playwright and researcher, Raminder Kaur (University of Sussex); anthropologist and art historian Christopher Pinney (University College London); curator and cultural historian Mark Sealy (Autograph ABP). 


Wednesday 25th September

18:30 – 20:30

The Photographers’ Gallery

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The Annual Conference of the British Society for the History of Philosophy at King’s (24-26 April)


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The Annual Conference of the British Society for the History of Philosophy took place at King’s College London on 24-26 April 2019. Over 120 delegates gathered in London for three days of discussion. The conference covered all periods of the history of philosophy, including sessions on Chinese, Islamic, Indian, and other non-western parts of the canon, in nearly 100 papers.


Several KCL faculty, emeritus faculty and students gave papers at the event. Maria Rosa Antognazza delivered the welcome remarks as BSHP Chair. Other King’s speakers included: MM McCabe, Mike Beaney, Richard Sorabji, John Callanan, Jessica Leech, Mark Textor, Katharine O’Reilly, Jon W. Thompson, Carlo Cogliati, and Mike Coxhead.

Conference Programme


The British Society for the History of Philosophy (BSHP), launched in 1984, is a registered charity, which exists to promote and foster all aspects of the study and teaching of the history of philosophy. It publishes one of the leading journals in the field, the British Journal for the History of Philosophy (Taylor and Francis), currently based at KCL. Both the BSHP Chair (Professor Maria Rosa Antognazza) and the BJHP Editor (Professor Mike Beaney) are members of King’s Philosophy Department.

The Ship of Theseus – a poem by Mina Aries


The Ship of Theseus

The tale of the ship of Theseus
There are some things one has to make clear
If it is one or two ships at a point of time
Depends on the view of identity one might decline.

A ship leaves the harbour to take a little tour,
A plank breaks, then three then four.

By the time it comes back, it is a new ship
Every single part of it has lived through a switch.

But someone collected all of the wood
And reassembled them under a hood
To exhibit a new ship in a museum
So lovers of Greek history can flock in to see ‘em.

Is it the one that lived through the history
The ship of Theseus, that is the mystery!

How many repairs can a ship survive
Without leading to its own demise?

Is it ship A or is it ship B, does that make them all ship C?
One thing is for sure, it can’t be all three.

Mina Aries
Philosophy, Politics, Economics

Essemble for Academic Markdown



If you use Markdown for your academic writing, you can now use (MA alumnus) Nick Gravgaard’s “Essemble” tool to generate the cover page.

Essemble assembles essays from Markdown files and inserts a coversheet as the first page. The coversheet is populated from metadata in the Markdown file, as well as a word count based on the Markdown after it’s been processed by Pandoc. Since the information for the coversheet is in the Markdown file, this means it can be tracked by one’s version control system, and can be edited using one’s normal text editing tools.

Get it here.

‘Rejoining Jane’ performance dance at Bush House Arcade – Tuesday, 12th



Come along to Bush House Arcade to see a performance of the wonderful dance ‘Rejoining Jane‘. (trailer)

Tuesday, 12 March – 19:00

Registration: Free (required)


This performance is presented as part of Art | Philosophy: Migration, Meaning, Time, an exhibition from the Centre for Philosophy and The Visual Arts, hosted in the Bush House Arcade 26 February – 22 March 2019.

Art | Philosophy is a collaboration between King’s College London’s Department of Philosophy and Kunsthuis SYB. It is supported by the university’s Culture team and the Arts and Humanities Research Institute.

Mary Wollstonecraft: Feminism, Freedom and Political Economy – 8 March, Strand


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King’s is hosting an event on the work of proto-feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft for International Women’s day, March 8th, 16:30 – 18:30:

Mary Wollstonecraft: Feminism, Freedom and Political Economy

Celebrate International Women’s Day with a discussion on one of the earliest feminist texts, Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792), hosted by the Department of Political Economy at KCL. The event will kick off with a reading of the book’s Introduction, followed by a panel discussion that will address Wollstonecraft’s feminism, views on freedom, and political economy. The evening will conclude with a reception for all attendees.


  • Dr Signy Gutnick-Allen is a Fellow in the Department of Government at LSE working on early modern British and European political thought and debates over citizenship.
  • Dr Alan Coffee is a Visiting Fellow in KCL’s Dickson Poon School of Law, working on the civic republican conception of freedom and Mary Wollstonecraft as a republican political philosopher.
  • Dr Catherine Packham is a Reader in the School of English at the University of Sussex, working on the relation between Philosophy and Political Economy in the 18th century and focusing on Mary Wollstonecraft and debates over political economy in the 1790s.
  • Victorine Pontillon is a Franco-American freelance director, producer and actress settled in London.

Registration: Link (free).