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A still from the video introduction to 'Time for Depiction', episode 1 of 'Time for Beauty', depicting the actress Amy Adams in Arrival (2016, dir. Denis Villeneuve).

Join us for the ‘Time for Beauty’ virtual conference, generously sponsored by the British Society of Aesthetics (BSA). This film-based workshop invites students and researchers to explore the captivating relationship between time and the aesthetic qualities of static visual art.

The conference will be broadcast in three episodes

  • Time for Depiction
  • Time for Musical Pictures
  • Time for Expressiveness

With each running for approximately 30 minutes. It will be accessible online from May to July 2023. To register, simply fill out the form at https://forms.gle/tBAo8R2rRcHjxRMx6, and you will receive access to the films online. We look forward to seeing you there!