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The Rationality and Formal Methods Group run guest speakers series at the same time slot. The guest speakers for winter and spring 2019 are as follows. (“FM” and “R” indicate talks organised by the formal methods and rationality groups, respectively.)

Winter 2019

Fri Jan 18th Georgi Gardiner (Oxford) (R)
Fri Feb 1st Johannes Stern (Bristol) (FM)
Fri March 1st Corinne Besson (Sussex) (FM)
Fri March 8th Lavinia Picollo (UCL) (FM)
Fri March 15th Michael Hannon (Nottingham) (R)
Fri March 22st Nick Hughes (Durham / Oxford) (R)
Fri March 29th Louise Hanson (Durham) (R)

Spring 2019

Fri May 17th James Studd (Oxford) (FM)
Fri May 24th Balthasar Grabmayr (Jerusalem) (FM)

The talks take place on Fridays 3:00-5:00, in room 508, Philosophy Building, KCL Strand Campus. Everyone is welcome, but if you come from outside King’s you need to email Julien Dutant at julien.dutant@kcl.ac.uk in advance to be included in the visitor list.