A new Philosophy of Action reading group will be starting next month and running on Mondays from 1pm-3pm in Room 508, Philosophy Building.  

‘The group will have a specific theme: “Go beyond the ‘Standard Story’?” and it will consist of three parts:

For the rest of semester 1, we will have five meetings to read through some of the landmark texts for and against the ‘Standard Story’. This will give us a basic idea of the current landscape of the philosophy of action.  

In Semester 2, we will scrutinize G. E. Anscombe’s seminal 94-page book Intention. Anscombe’s Intention is recognized by Donald Davidson, the (contemporary) founder of the ‘Standard Story’, as ‘the most important treatment of action since Aristotle’, and interestingly, it is considered the most important motivation for the recent movement against the ‘Standard Story’.  

In Semester 3, we will read works inspired by and responding to Anscombe.’ 

The group is being organised by Dan Elbro daniel.elbro@kcl.ac.uk, Will Meredew  william.meredew@kcl.ac.uk, and Chengying Guan chengying.guan@kcl.ac.uk