We in the King’s Philosophy Department are so very pleased to be joined by Dr. Aaron James Wendland (@aj_wendland), Vision Fellow in Public Philosophy at King’s, as well as Senior Research Fellow at Massey College, Toronto! Dr. Wendland launched and runs a philosophy column in The New Statesman called Agora, a space for academics to address contemporary social, political and cultural issues from a philosophical point of view.

Check out the latest from the Agora, “Why nation states struggle with social care” by Alison Gopnik, Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley: https://www.newstatesman.com/ideas/agora/2021/10/why-nation-states-struggle-with-social-care

“Love and care are at the heart of our moral commitments, but they do not fit neatly into the social contract model of political community” –@AlisonGopnik on the ethics and politics of caregiving in my Agora series @NewStatesman