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A one-day conference organized in association with Peter Adamson’s History of Philosophy without Gaps project at King’s College London brought together a number of acclaimed scholars to discuss the relationship between religion and philosophy in a variety of traditions across the globe. How is philosophical thought influenced by religious views and practice in different cultures and civilizations? How did the relationship between the two develop throughout ages in different parts of the world? How do philosophical and theological arguments differ or relate?

Watch full recording of the conference online: guest talks and Peter Adamson’s lecture. Details below.

Guest talks:

0:07:30 Prof. Bill Brewer and Prof. Raphael Woolf (KCL), Introduction. (video)

0:14:20 Dr. Katherine Swancutt (KCL), China – Making Religion and Philosophy at the Ethnic Borderlands of China. (video)

1:09:05 Dr. Jessica Frazier (Oxford/Kent), India – Indian Ontology as Religion: Seeking the Metaphysical Identity of the World. (video)

1:52:00 Dr. Shaul Tor (KCL), Greece – Natural theology? Early Greek philosophy and religion. (video)

3:13:00 Dr. Alena Rettova (SOAS), Africa – Between the Past and the Future: Cross-Sections of Religion and Philosophy in Africa. (video)

Keynote Lecture:

Prof. Peter Adamson (KCL/LMUM). Islam – Was Islamic Theology a Kind of Philosophy? (video)