King’s has the strongest department in the UK, and one of the strongest in the world, for research and teaching in History of Philosophy.

Prof. Maria Rosa Antognazza has recently been elected Chair of the British Society of the History of Philosophywhich funds and organises regular conferences and other events around the country. King’s is hosting the British Journal for the History of Philosophythe Society’s journal. The journal is edited by Prof. Michael Beaney, who combines his post at King’s with a Professorship in the History of Analytic Philosophy at the Humboldt University in Berlin, with whom King’s has a joint PhD programme. Another King’s faculty member, Sacha Golob, is Associate Editor with special responsibility for Post-Kantian Philosophy. Both Prof. Antognazza and Prof. M. M. McCabe are also on the Editorial Board of the BJHP, while Prof. Peter Adamson (KCL and LMU) is a member of the advisory board.

The department is also home to one of the most extraordinary editing projects in the history of philosophy: the Ancient Commentators project, which has been running for over 32 years, and has produced over 100 volumes on the works of the ancients, with a further 30 currently under consideration.

Our faculty covers most of the major periods in the history of philosophy: pre-Socratic, Classical Ancient, HellenisticMedieval Scholastic, Islamic, Late ScholasticEarly Modern, and nineteenth- and twentieth-century philosophy, both in the continental and in the analytic traditions. In addition, we have faculty members who work in ancient Chinese and ancient Indian philosophy. Indeed, Prof. Adamson runs a hugely successful series of podcasts that span the whole history of philosophy: the History of Philosophy without any gaps.

King’s philosophy department strongly believes in the mutual benefit of philosophy and history of philosophy. For an illustration, we recommend Prof. Antognazza’s recent article in the BHJPThe Benefit to Philosophy of the Study of its History (full text).