Maria Rosa will participate in the Very Short Introductions Speed-Dating Evening, part of Oxford University Press – Blackwell’s Philosophy Festival.

When: Fri, 17th Nov, 19:00 -20:30

Where: The Norrington Room at Blackwell’s Bookshop, 51 Broad Street, Oxford, OX1 3BQ

What: VSI Speed-Dating evening – in small groups moving around the Norrington, the audience divided into groups of up to 10 people will have a 10 minute period with each author, having the opportunity to ask questions and receive a brief introduction to the subjects.

Extended Line-up:
• Maria Rosa Antognazza (VSI Leibniz)
• Ian Stewart (VSI Infinity)
• Simon Glendinning (VSI Derrida)
• Yujin Nagasawa (VSI Miracles)
• Susan Blackmore (VSI Consciousness)
• Samir Okasha (VSI Philosophy of Science)