The Ship of Theseus

The tale of the ship of Theseus
There are some things one has to make clear
If it is one or two ships at a point of time
Depends on the view of identity one might decline.

A ship leaves the harbour to take a little tour,
A plank breaks, then three then four.

By the time it comes back, it is a new ship
Every single part of it has lived through a switch.

But someone collected all of the wood
And reassembled them under a hood
To exhibit a new ship in a museum
So lovers of Greek history can flock in to see ‘em.

Is it the one that lived through the history
The ship of Theseus, that is the mystery!

How many repairs can a ship survive
Without leading to its own demise?

Is it ship A or is it ship B, does that make them all ship C?
One thing is for sure, it can’t be all three.

Mina Aries
Philosophy, Politics, Economics