The workshop ‘Explaining Cancer’ is happening next Tuesday (1st November) at London School of Economics, which among other excellent speakers features our very own Sowerby Professor Elselijn Kingma. Read more below or visit LSE’s event page here

Don’t forget to also register for the 2022 Annual Sowerby Lecture and the Interdisciplinary Workshop, both also happening next week, if you haven’t already!

Expert Workshop – Explaining Cancer

Anya Plutynski is the winner of the 2021 Lakatos Award for her book Explaining Cancer. Finding Order in Disorder (OUP 2018). To engage fully with the winner’s work, we organise an expert workshop on the day of the Award Lecture. The workshop features four talks by experts on the cancer research who engage with themes from Plutynski’s book.

Date and Place: 1 November 2022, Lakatos Building, Room LAK2.06

Organiser: Roman Frigg

13.30 – 13.50   Anya Plutynski (Washington University in St. Louis): Précis of Explaining Cancer

13.50 – 14.40   Samir Okasha (University of Bristol): Cancer, Causality and Evolution: some reflections on Anya Plutynski’s Understanding Cancer.

14.40 – 15.30    Lucie Laplane (Sorbonne Paris I): Where does Philosophy of Cancer stand?

15.30 – 16.00    Coffee Break

16.00 – 16.50    Elselijn Kingma (King’s College London): Cancer, screening, and the concepts of health and disease

16.50 – 17.40    Carl Cranor (UC Riverside): Varieties of Scientific Evidence for Policies”